Fetal Medicine experts are concerned with the health of the fetus at every stage

What We Do?

We provide comprehensive maternal and fetal care from conception to delivery.

We provide complete care for pregnant women with know birth defects, from diagnosis, prenatal management through fetal surgery, delivery and care after birth. Advanced imaging techniques means the normal and abnormal fetal brain can be seen in greater detail than ever before. For families where there are concerns regarding fetal brain abnormalities, an integrated assessment with fetal medicine specialists, neuroimaging specialists, a clinical genetics team, is essential.

The Garg Fetal Medicine Center is a resource, unlike any other in India. In Haryana, We care for all women from before conception through delivery with comprehensive, high-quality care for high-risk pregnancies. Our Center provides personalized prenatal consultations and the highest level of specialized services and cares for babies facing critical health challenges.

We have top world-class physicians and staff at our clinic, leading-edge technology with best medical equipment and in-depth research combined with our compassionate, caring approach make us the best choice to care for you and your unborn baby.

airmailOur Serices

Our fetal medicine team is among the most experienced in India at treating complex birth defects with following services

1) Cervical screening
2) Ist trimester screening
3) Amniocentasis & CVS
4) Specialized twin pregnancy clinic
5) ICT positive patient
6) Fetal echocardiography:only centre to do it
7) Fetal viability scan 6-10 weeks
8) Fetal well being scan 24 to 42 weeks
9) 3rd Trimester scan
10) Doppler scan
11) Detailed anomaly scan 18-23 weeks
12) Gynecologic imaging
13) Breast imaging

Why Choose Us

Our team is among the most experienced in India at treating complex birth defects.
  1. We are the only fetal center in North India offering comprehensive care from diagnosis to in utero treatment to delivery to postnatal surgery, including pediatric cardiac surgery, all under one roof.
  2. We constantly work to improve and advance both our fetal diagnosis and therapy techniques.
  3. We treat a wide range of fetal problems including in utero medical and surgical therapy.
  4. We have a dedicated Fetal Cardiac Service offering prenatal diagnosis, counseling and subsequently pediatric cardiac surgery as necessary.
  5. We work closely with your referring doctor and provide support services to them so that the pregnancy outcome can be optimized. It is possible for many expectant mothers to be monitored as on an out patient basis during their pregnancy


Deeply inspired by her heritage, Dr. Akanksha Bansal (M.B.B.S, DMRD), Fellow in fetal medicine has single-mindedly worked towards equipping herself to serve society as best as she can.

Dr. Akanksha Bansal sees it as her responsibility to bear this proverbial torch handed down to her and Garg Fetal Medicine Centre is but a single step in this direction. Garg Fetal Medicine Center is an initiative dedicated exclusively for all the diagnostic services pertaining to the care of unborn fetus. The one and only fetal medicine center in 100 km radius in Sirsa District. First center to introduce fetal echocardiography and invasive studies.


Our mission is to leverage the latest practices and technology in fetal medicine to provide the highest quality care for expectant mothers, experiencing, either normal or high-risk pregnancies.

What exactly is fetal medicine and how does it help?

Fetal medicine consultants are trained to expertly diagnose and possibly address abnormalities in unborn babies. Fetal Medicine is a field whose scope is far-reaching – from performing routine ultrasound scans for low risk pregnancies to complicated interventional procedures to detect and/or mitigate risks in high risk pregnancies.While a majority of mothers experience uncomplicated pregnancies, in the rare cases of complications, consultants work closely with obstetricians to plan the management of treatment.

For instance, if a mother is at low risk for delivering a child with a chromosomal problem, only the routine scans will be recommended (each patient is at liberty to choose if she wants to undergo intensive testing for confirmation). However, if a mother is at high risk to deliver a child with chromosomal abnormalities, invasive procedures such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS) will be recommended to confirm the disorder. This would provide the patient, her family and the obstetrician with information to plan the management of the pregnancy, delivery and post-natal support.

Our work reflects on you. Let us give you a window to our operations.

Evaluate your baby’s growth!

<h3 style=”colour: #DD92C0; text-align: center;”>Determine fetal position before delivery – confirm the position to help decide on options for delivery</h3>